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Why Send SMS to your Customers?

SMS is a personalised communication channel allowing you to engage with your valued customers.


SMS can help increase customer loyalty and build prospective clients.


Westwood software Limited has developed a workflow which can be integrated with Dynamics 365 customer engagement platform to facilitate sending SMS Messages.


Whether the message is for a response to a campaign, auto response to a survey, confirming an appointment or just to simply to say HELLO! Dynamics 365 helps you do that in 3 easy steps.


1. Select the SMS activity from within your contact record


















2. The SMS activity opens up with mobile number carried through from the contact record. Enter your message and save the record. The message can then be marked as Ready to Send, when you are ready to send the message.















3. Views within Dynamics help you see the status of the messages sent.
















The activity pane within the contact record also shows the historical SMS activity records.
















Request integration of this feature now :

-Westwood Software Limited.

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