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DataVerse Environment Variables in Power Automate

We often face a situation where we have used a URL or a value within a Power Automate flow that needs to be updated after a deployment of the solution to another environment. we would go to the target environment managed solution and amend the value. However this approach does introduce a new Active Solution layer containing unmanaged customisations, which really is not good practice, if it can be avoided. Its not good as it creates unexpected behaviour on subsequent deployment if the person doing the deployment is not aware of the active solution layer, and it often will involve some kind of manual intervention to investigate, understand and if needed rectify the behaviour.

However with Environment variables,

  1. Create an Environment Variable within your solution

  2. Set default value for the Environment Variable

  3. Use the Environment Variable within your Power Automate

  4. Do not set the Current Value of the Environment Variable

  5. After deployment of the Solution to the Target Environment, Find the Environment Variable Definition Entity record with your Environment Variable Name

  6. Open thsi Record and then add a Child record which will be your Current Value for this Environment Variable within the Target Environment.

  7. The current value will override the default value, no change needed to the Power Automate.

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